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    Find us at Vejle Havn

    Kirk Suites is part of the new harbour that is currently under development in Vejle. Architecture, art and a close relationship with water are all important aspects of this development. As part of the landscape at Vejle Havn, we have an obligation to contribute to the mission of bringing the harbour closer to the city while also developing a new neighbourhood in Vejle.

    Vejle Havn is not just a breathtaking place with fantastic views overlooking Vejle Fjord – the current renewal of the area and the focus on architecture and art create a scenic landscape to add to the enjoyment of your stay at Kirk Suites.

    31 kilometres from
    Billund Airport

    The drive from Billund Airport to Kirk Suites takes approximately 35 minutes.

    Parking is available at Kahytten 2, 7100 Vejle
    The parking garage is open 24 hours a day and is located just 30 metres from Kirk Suites.
    1,3 kilometres fom Vejle City Centre

    The walk from Kirk Suites to Vejle City Centre takes approximately 16 minutes.